What Makes Us Unique

Minimum Standards:
The MLDA plans to closely replicate and implement the standards of a USSF sanctioned Division III league. The MLDA requires teams to operate within 40% of USSF Division II Minimum Standards (Preferred),  80% of USSF Division III Minimum Standards (Required) and 100% of USSF Division IV Minimum Standards (Required).

Promotion & Relegation:
Promotion will begin when a USSF Sanctioned Division III league plays a full season schedule and is able to relegate teams to the MLDA. The MLDA will plan to engage an independent USSF Sanctioned Division III league once the MLDA is fully populated with teams.

Relegation will begin when a Division IV league plays a full season schedule and is able to promote teams to the MLDA. The MLDA teams that are relegated to the Division IV league will be replaced by the Division IV teams that are promoted.

*If the MLDA becomes fully populated and a USSF Division III or IV Full Year League does not exist or is not interested in partnering to develop promotion & relegation then the MLDA will attempt to create a proper Division III or IV League to help provide promotion and relegation in the United States.

Teams & Schedules
The MLDA plans to have 8-10 teams for the inaugural season and grow to a minimum of 36 to 40 teams by year 3. To help create a sustainable league it is important to have local rivalries and regional travel under 5 to 8 hours per away trip.

Low Cost to Entry
By lowering upfront and annual financial requirements the MLDA provides teams with a profitable business model. Therefore, teams can continue to reinvest back into their markets and build equity in their brand.

Free Market
Limited governance outside of required minimum standards, teams retain rights to club intellectual property, teams can freely develop their business models in their respective markets.

Advisory Council
The MLDA Team owners help influence league direction, policy and processes.